Louis XVI (ルイ16世 Rui Jūrokusei?) is the later King of France and the grandson of Louis XV. He becomes King after his grandfather death, but he was never trained or taught how to rule and as a consequence France continues to suffer poverty.

He is timid, shy and loves Marie Antoinette dearly, regardless that Marie loves Fersen his wife also shows Louis love as well despite not being in love with him. However, because of his timid nature he never puts his foot down with Marie Antoinette when she is constantly spending the tax payers money on clothes and shoes, and that in turn caused more problems with France's economic crisis, and soon Louis and his wife became hated by the french people, after a few events, from Maxemillion Robespierre encouraging the people that the monarchy is not needed, to Jeanne de Valois framing Marie in "The Affair of the Diamond Necklace" Louis and Marie Antoinette lost all the support of the french peasants and abandoned by the nobles.

Later, the revolution begins, he has been captured with his family, but later is freed. Unfortunately, he tries to escape out from France, with the help from Hans Axel von Fersen, but fails. He has been jailed, and later his family, including him, are executed. [1]

References Edit

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